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This site is running AddDeleteLine version 3.2017-06-07.

AddDeleteLine2 examples and playground

This group is a playground for the AddDeleteLine2 recipe. Feel free to create new pages in this group and play around with the recipe. Please make sure that

  • the names of example pages always end with Example
  • the names of template pages always end with Template

Otherwise the pages won't appear in the list below and in the sidebar.


SimpleExampleThis is the simple birthday-party-example, which I use to organize birthday parties.
MultiLineExampleThis is an example where multiple lines are added to and deleted from a page.
BlogExampleExample for a blog based on Adl2. It's MultiLine and output is directed to a different page. Radio boxes are used to choose a smily
MultipleListsExampleThis is a very complex example involving mulitple lists on different pages and redirection
TopBottomExampleAdds lines to the top or the bottom of a page.
MultiFieldExampleExamples using multiple fields with the same name
TimeTrackingExampleExample for a timetracking application
TrailExampleCreate a wiki trail using a pagelist and checkboxes
JdmExampleEnter a short description here
ASRExampleEnter a short description here

Known issues

  • With $RequireAuthor enabled: If the form has an 'author' field which is left empty, the edit form will pop up after submitting the form. The same is true, if no 'author' field is present and no cookie is set in the browser either. A solution may be to insert a default value for the author, or a hidden field, if no author should be entered.
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